All tickets are not refundable nor cancellable.

Each 9th Music Gallery e-ticket is valid for 1 one person on the date of the event.

All attendees must exchange their 9th Music Gallery e-ticket to wristband before entering the venue of the event.

9th Music Gallery e-ticket are not copyable. Any entry using a used 9th Music Gallery e-ticket will be considered as counterfeit ticket and rejected entry.

9th Music Gallery committee will not use or disclose guests’ personal information collected at the time of ticket purchase.

9th Music Gallery e-ticket holder agrees not to bring drugs & psychotropic substances, alcohol, and other items forbidden by law.

9th Music Gallery committee won’t be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged possessions or accidents resulting in injury occurring anywhere in the venue before, during, or after the festival.

Any attempt to enter the event without a valid 9th Music Gallery e-ticket or valid credentials will result in the immediate removal from the venue.

Attendees must be responsible for the security of all of their personal belongings.

All attendees are subject to being searched prior to entry of the event.

No unauthorized vending allowed. if found, 9th Music Gallery committee has the right to remove the subject from venue.

9th Music Gallery Committee and its affiliations/association reserves the right to film, record, and/or photograph the visitor, participant or wristband holder's image, likeness, action, and/or statement of this event for television, moving picture, webcast and/or other public broadcast in any medium for any purpose. Any visitor, participant and/or wristband holder of this show hereby fully releases and discharges 9th Music Gallery and its affiliations/association from any rights, claims, damages, losses, liabilities, fines and causes of action whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the filming, recording and/or photography of this event.

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