general info

A. What are the festival hours?

The 9th Music Gallery will be held on the 9th of March 2019.
Festival Gate Opens - 13.00
Festival Gate Closes - 20.00

B. What are the medical policies?

The 9th Music Gallery is committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all people on site, and is aware that a proportion of the festival audience have a requirement to bring medicines onto site. Therefore, it is the general policy of the 9th Music Gallery to permit prescription legal medicines to be brought onto site through pedestrian gates.

Those with chronic conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and diabetes should bring all their usual medications to cover the festival period, and to be aware they may require hospital treatment if they don’t take it.

C. What can’t i bring in?

1. Illegal substances
2. Alcoholic drinks
3. Flammable Liquid
4. Food or beverages from outside the venue
5. Water bottles/coolers
6. Umbrellas
7. Noisemakers or air horns
8. Fireworks/explosives
9. Any focused light devices
10. Unsealed Cigarette Packs
11. Lighters
12. Weapons or any sharp items
13. Selfie sticks
14. Professional cameras and monopods
15. Pets

Disclaimer: all visitors of The 9th Music Gallery are subject to body checking and bag checking. Any items deemed inappropriate by festival security will not be allowed. You must either return item to your vehicle or surrender the item to security.

D. Can i leave and re-enter the festival area?

Yes, you may re-enter the festival area as long as you still have the designated wristband attached.

E. Where will the festival take place?

The 9th Music Gallery will be held at Tennis Indoor Senayan and Plaza Barat Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

F. Can i bring food inside?

You cannot bring any food inside the festival area. Fortunately, we have partnered with various tenants for you to fill your needs and accompany you throughout the festival. For more information about the tenants, click here.

G. What time/where does this artist performs?

The 9th Music Gallery performance is divided into two main stages, Haight Stage and Ashbury Stage. You can check out our full rundown here. Make sure you plan out your day in our festival so you don’t miss a thing!

H. Do tenants/bazaar accept cash payments?

We will soon update you regarding the payment system in our festival.

J. Are there any additional tips?

In order for you to get the best experience out of The 9th Music Gallery, we encourage you to follow these tips!

• Decide on a meeting point with your friends. Choose a place and time wisely if you wanted to spread out to the area or got separated in the end.
• Stay hydrated by drinking enough water! (from our tenants, of course!).
• Look out for yourself, and look out for others too!
• Long exposure to high volume of music is dangerous, use earplugs if needed.
• Do not block vehicles from entering the venue.
• Learn the layout of the venue!
• Keep your phone charged in case you are not close to your friends.
• If you need medical assistance or see anyone at the festival who appears to be in need of medical assistance, poke our committee or go straight directly to TBM FK UI Booth Medical Center


A. How much is the ticket?

The latest ticket price is available right here.

B. Where can i purchase the tickets?

You can purchase your 9th Music Gallery tickets right here. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you make a purchase!

C. Will there be any on the spot tickets?

We will soon update you regarding the availability of on the spot tickets.

D. Is there a limit on how many tickets i can buy?

A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased under one name per transaction.

E. Are there any policy regarding my wristband?

Early entry ticket holders must enter the venue before 15:00. In a case that an Early Entry ticket holder fails to do so, they will have to pay the full amount of a Normal ticket by doing a top up at our ticket box in order to attend the festival.

Presale and Normal ticket holders can enter the venue anytime.

F. Would it be wise for me to buy the tickets from a stranger online?

We advise you not to buy tickets from strangers online. Instead, buy it through our website or our official ticketing crew.

G. Can i bring my child to the festival? Will he/she have to pay for the price of a full ticket?

Children above the age of two years old have to purchase for one full ticket.

If you have further question that we haven’t answered, contact us at

ask@the-musicgallery.com and we will certainly help you out!

Also, be patient - we receive many emails and will answer them in the order received.