safety guide


The 9th Music Gallery is committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all people on site, and permits prescription legal medicines, subject to security checking, to be brought inside the venue. Those with chronic conditions, such as epilepsy, asthma and diabetes, should bring all their usual medications to cover The 9th Music Gallery festival period.

The 9th Music Gallery has also provided medical assistance from TBM FKUI at the TBM FKUI Medical Centre Booth for those in need of it.


In order for you to get the best experience out of The 9th Music Gallery, we encourage you to follow these tips!

• Learn the layout of the venue, we have so many things for you to see and enjoy!
• Decide on a strategic meeting point with your friends, in case you get separated.
• Keep your phone charged in case you are not close to your friends.
• Look out for yourself, and look out for others too.
• Stay hydrated by drinking enough water (provided by our tenants, of course).
• If you need medical assistance or see anyone at the festival who appears to be in need of medical assistance, ask one of our committee members or go directly to TBM FK UI Medical Centre Booth.
• Last, but not least, learn about our do's and dont's below!


DO exchange your tickets with wristbands before entering venue
DO keep your wristbands to re-enter the venue
DO bring cellphones and power banks
DO share the fun through your social medias
DO buy foods and drinks from our tenants
DO enjoy the festival


DON'T bring illegal drugs
DON'T bring alcoholic drinks
DON'T bring flammable liquid
DON'T bring food or beverages from outside the venue
DON'T bring water bottles/coolers
DON'T bring umbrellas
DON'T bring noisemakers or airhorns
DON'T bring fireworks/explosives
DON'T bring any focused light devices
DON'T bring unsealed cigarette packs
DON'T bring lighters
DON'T bring weapons or any sharp items
DON'T bring selfie sticks
DON'T bring professional cameras and monopods
DON'T bring pets
DON'T ask for refunds or cancellations, because there are none!

Disclaimer: all visitors of The 9th Music Gallery are subject to body checking and bag checking.

Any items deemed inappropriate by festival security will not be allowed. You must either return item to your vehicle or surrender the item to security.